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Stardust Airstream Resort Airstream Trailers


Our new and vintage Airstream trailers offer a delightful fusion of nostalgia and modern comfort. Once you step out the door you’re surrounded by the  beauty that is the Texas  Hill Country. Walk the trails, enjoy the outdoors and time with family and friends!!

  • Tobacco Barn hang out

  • Pole Barn with cornhole

  • Ponds and Walking trails

  • General Store

  • Steam Train Stand Pipe Splash Pad

  • Oak Grove

1950 Spartan Mansion

The 1950 Airstream Spartan invites you to step back in time while enjoying modern comfort. It's not just a travel trailer; it's a piece of history and a testament to the enduring appeal of mid-20th century design. For enthusiasts and adventurers alike, this classic Airstream Spartan embodies the spirit of a bygone era on the open road.

known as "The Rose"

1975 International

known as "The Bluebonnet"

The 1975 International Airstream trailer is a classic embodiment of American ingenuity and wanderlust. With its unmistakable shiny aluminum exterior and iconic streamlined shape, it exudes the timeless appeal that Airstream is known for. This vintage Airstream often features well-planned living spaces, a compact kitchenette, and comfortable sleeping quarters, making it a home away from home for travelers seeking adventure and comfort.

2021 Flying Cloud

known as "The Lily"

The 2021 Airstream Flying Cloud represents the pinnacle of luxury travel trailers, fusing Airstream's timeless allure with the latest advancements in technology and design. It is the ultimate choice for travelers who seek both style and functionality and offers 2 twin beds.

2021 FLying Cloud

The 2020 Airstream Flying Cloud is a pinnacle of contemporary travel trailer design and functionality. Its iconic silver shell, with its streamlined curves, instantly captures attention and nostalgia. The 2020 model takes Airstream's commitment to modern luxury to new heights and offers two twin beds. For those seeking an adventure that combines style, and comfort, this model is for you!

known as "The Susan"

2018 Flying Cloud

The 2018 Flying Cloud Airstream is a modern marvel that combines cutting-edge design with the signature Airstream charm. Its sleek, silver exterior still captivates onlookers with its iconic, aerodynamic silhouette. The 2018 model reflects Airstream's commitment to innovation and comfort and has two twin beds.

known as "The Daisy"

Park Your Own

Nestled amidst the natural beauty of Cedar Break, this carefully designed pad offers everything you need for a relaxing and convenient stay.

  • Water Hookup: Your pad offers a dedicated water hookup. 

  • Electricity Hookup: Our pad provides a reliable electricity hookup, so you can power your Airstream and all your electronic devices with ease.

  • Outdoor Space: Beyond your Airstream, you'll find a spacious outdoor area where you can set up camp chairs, enjoy a picnic, or cook in your Cowboy Cooker Fire pit while enjoying the comfort of our Adirondack chairs. 

Airstream Trailer Pads

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